24 January 2006

Group to help those bereaved by violent death

Irish Examiner

By Jimmy Woulfe
24 January 2006

A NEW support group has been formed in Limerick to help people who have been bereaved by violent death.

Limerick priest, Fr Joe Young who chairs the group called Lost Futures said: “It is the first group of it’s kind in the country to help people recover after the death of a close relative.”

A pilgrimage to Lourdes is planned for next June where trees will be planted to remember the dead.

Fr Young said: “We are open to anyone who wants to join who has suffered the loss of a loved one.”

He said Lost Future also caters for people who have been bereaved by suicide or sudden death.

He said: “Unfortunately with the way society has gone, violent deaths are part and parcel of life, but suicide is also a major problem in the Mid-West, especially among younger people. It is rampant here and has not been addressed.”

Lost Future meets at 7.30pm on Thursday nights at the Limerick Diocesan office at Denmark Street.

Fr Young said: “Anyone who wishes to come along and join is more than welcome. Some people are frightened to come out of their homes for years after the death of a son or daughter of family member. If somebody can come forward and talk about their loss or suffering, it can go a long way to help the healing process. We just want to try and make a small difference in the lives of people affected by bereavement.”

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