06 January 2006

Father Troy book success is “good news for Holy Cross”


The efforts to build a cross-community family centre in the grounds of Holy Cross received another major boost this week.
Only three weeks after the hugely successful Superdraw held in the Europa hotel, Fr Aidan Troy learned this week that the book he wrote recounting his experiences of the Holy Cross blockade had entered its second print run.
With all profits going to build the family centre, it’s yet more good news after the parish raised an estimated £70,000 in the pre-Christmas gala fundraising event.
Fr Troy told this week of his delight at the success of the book.
“It has done a second print so that’s a very good sign. I am very pleased as there is nothing worse than publishers saying they can’t move the first print. But the signs so far are very good.”
Four years on from the horrific scenes of little girls traumatised by loyalists on their way to school, Fr Troy thinks sales have been good because the legacy of Holy Cross will endure for many more years for so many people.
“I met a lot of people over Christmas and New Year who had read it, and it certainly provoked a lot of interest and a lot of questions.
“I have been approached by people who are asking me ‘why did I say that’, and ‘what did that mean,’ and generally there is a fair amount of interest, rather than people just saying it was nice.
“I think it’s still a very live story in a whole lot of ways and if by publishing the book it can help people to come to terms with it, then I am happy.
“Most of all I was pleased that I got a very good reaction from some of the parents who suffered in the incident.
“The parents were extremely positive and very content with it, something that meant a lot to me.”
Sarah Liddle from Currach Press who published Holy Cross: A Personal Experience, said she was pleased with how the book has so far performed.
“We are delighted that the book has done so well.
“A lot of work went into it and Fr Troy wanted to put across his point of view, so we are very pleased that the first print run has sold,” she said.
“We have the second print run finished and they will be distributed to shops in the next week.”

Journalist:: Evan Short

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