02 January 2006

Doherty slams ‘political policing’


Sinn Féin Vice President Pat Doherty has said that the policing establishment have failed to hide political policing.

He said that the reality is that elements within the British system collapsed the democratic institutions and as each day passes a little more light is shone upon the political detectives in the PSNI.

“Since the irrefutable evidence emerged that Denis Donaldson was at the heart of an operation designed, controlled and managed by elements within the British system hostile to the peace process to collapse the political institutions, those within the policing establishment have desperately been trying to divert attention away from this reality,” said Mr. Doherty.

“From Peter Hain, to Hugh Orde, through the SDLP and the Policing Board, all have tried to throw up distractions and diversions aimed at concealing the reality of political policing in the North and the role of the securocrats in collapsing the democratically elected institutions,” he added.

The Sinn Féin Vice President said that this effort has completely failed.

“People throughout this island and beyond are now talking about political policing and the dangers it poses to the peace process and the task of rebuilding the political process early in the New Year.

“Instead of trying to defend the indefensible it would suit the policing establishment better if they got their house in order.”

Mr Doherty said that the policing establishment now has a huge job to try and convince nationalists and republicans that they are capable of operating in an accountable and acceptable fashion.

“The PSNI Special Branch have been caught out.

“The revelations of the past week have validated absolutely the Sinn Féin position on policing and proved beyond any doubt the negative role being played by elements of the RUC old guard within the PSNI in directing and formulating policy and direction,” added Mr Doherty.

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