08 January 2006

Death-threat pusher jailed

Sunday Life

Exclusive by Ciaran McGuigan
08 January 2006

The pill-pushing cousin of LVF drugs kingpin Laurence 'Duffer' Kincaid was last week jailed for flogging the loyalist terror gang's Ecstasy tablets.

Former squaddie David Michael Kincaid was wearing a bullet-proof vest under his T-shirt as he arrived at Downpatrick Crown Court, on Friday, to face charges of supplying Ecstasy and cannabis and possessing a stun-gun.

He's on a UVF death list and is in constant fear of his life, because of his association with Duffer and his drug-dealing cronies.

Death threats from the UVF forced dad-of-two Kincaid (36) to flee his north Belfast home in July 2004 and to move to an address within an LVF enclave at Holywood, Co Down.

When cops raided the house in January, last year, they recovered £1,000-worth of cannabis and more than 800 Ecstasy tablets.

They also found a stun-gun and a walkie-talkie.

During the raid, Kincaid led cops to the drugs - wrapped in bags in his kitchen and ready for sale - and claimed that the cannabis was for his personal use and that two men had intimidated him into holding on to the Ecstasy tablets.

The court was told he also claimed the stun-gun had been given to him by a "Mr Warnock" to repair, as it was broken.

At the time of the raid, Kincaid's cousin Duffer was on remand at Maghaberry Prison, after cops unearthed a "drugs distribution centre" in the Ballysillian area of north Belfast - a rap that the previously convicted drug-dealer eventually beat.

Despite being behind bars for a time, Duffer along with close associates of murdered LVF commander Stephen Warnock, were still running a major drug supply network in loyalist areas of Belfast and north Down.

And they had set David Kincaid up as one of their dealers in Holywood, inside his heavily fortified home.

He pleaded guilty to possessing the cannabis and Ecstasy with intent to supply it to others and possessing the stun-gun during a hearing, last year.

Judge Peter Gibson jailed Kincaid for two years and ordered that he spend another two years on probation, which included receiving any appropriate psychiatric treatment.

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