22 January 2006

Court security staff files found dumped on street

Sunday Life


Stephen Breen
22 January 2006

Confidential court documents have been found dumped on a Belfast street.

An investigation has been launched after the files - which contain the names of security staff at the Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) - were found by a concerned Sunday Life reader, who passed them to us.

The paperwork, which was found close to St George's Market, belongs to Maybin Support Services, which has a £4.9m contract to provide court service security.

The files contains the names of security personnel employed at the department's Belfast office, details of shift rotas, information on the amount of working hours and details on individual sick leave and holiday requests.

We handed the documents over to Maybin Support Services last week.

A probe is now under way to establish how the employment records were discovered close to a busy market.

A Maybin spokesman said the matter was being investigated.

"This was a one-off incident which should not have occurred. The information concerned was in fact out of date, not commercially or security sensitive, and was not directly related to the operation of the PPS.

"We have reviewed this incident and taken steps to ensure there is no re-occurrence."

Senior Belfast councillor Jim Rodgers, who is chairman of the city's District Policing Partnership, voiced concerns over the discovery of court security staff names.

"It's just as well the names of court security staff didn't fall into the hands of criminals or terrorists," he said.

"I think the people whose names were on these employment records have every right to know how their personal details turned up in a street.

"I would also not want strangers knowing my personal business and I just hope something like this doesn't happen again," added the Ulster Unionist.

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