22 January 2006

Cokehead Robb's Nazi past

Sunday Life

Stephen Breen
22 January 2006

Cocaine-snorting former loyalist gun-runner Lindsay Robb established close links with neo-Nazis in Glasgow shortly before his killing, it has emerged.

A senior security source told Sunday Life how Robb - murdered in a frenzied knife attack on New Year's Eve - had formed an alliance with leading members of Combat 18 in the city.

Sources also revealed that leading up to his death, Robb was snorting a gram of cocaine every morning before starting his day's work, as a building labourer.

It is understood he linked up with the group for protection after he was warned members of a well-known Glaswegian crime family were targeting him.

Robb had established the links with the right-wingers in the Coatbridge and Airdrie areas.

The source claimed the ex-UVF and LVF man, who was jailed in 1996 for importing weapons into Northern Ireland, was placed on a hit-list by gangsters because of his failure to pay debts.

Sunday Life knows the name of the well-known family but cannot publish it for legal reasons.

Said the source: "Robb was running about with the neo-Nazis because the various loyalist groupings in Glasgow didn't want to know him.

"He thought that by befriending them they could offer him protection - how wrong was he? They don't have the same support in Glasgow compared to other cities in the UK.

"Robb owed a lot of money to the crime family and he hated them because they were Catholics, but he had no other option but to deal with them.

"He thought he could get away with paying his debts back, but the family probably gave some heroin addict drugs and some cash to take him out.

"Robb was struggling to make money working as a labourer and that's why he was borrowing cash all over the place."

Added the source: "He was hooked on the cocaine. Every morning before going to work he would have taken at least a gram of coke.

"The boys he was working with couldn't believe it and he was even at it during work. He turned to drugs because of his money problems.

"But he made a lot of enemies through the drugs and he became very paranoid, especially in the weeks before his death.

"He always maintained that he was a true loyalist but he would have taken drugs off anyone because that's the only thing he was concerned about."

This latest revelation about Robb's lifestyle comes after we revealed earlier this month he was once a British Intelligence agent.

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