16 January 2006

Call to demand policing moves from SF

Belfast Telegraph

By Chris Thornton
16 January 2006

The British and Irish Governments should demand action on policing from Sinn Fein, the SDLP said today after the republican party hinted it may be moving closer to accepting the PSNI.

Sinn Fein policing spokesman Gerry Kelly told a party conference on policing on Saturday that members should be prepared for a debate on a policing.

Sinn Fein says it will debate the acceptance of policing when a settlement is reached with the DUP and the Government on the devolution of justice.

"While we are not at that point yet, activists need to realise that we can achieve it and with achievement there comes further responsibility," Mr Kelly said on Saturday.

He called on party members to "open up the debate within Sinn Fein and their communities".

But SDLP policing spokesman Alex Attwood responded that "time is running out for the provisional movement to show backbone and genuinely participate in the policing structures".

"Some will say that the comments of Gerry Kelly are more positive," he said.

"The SDLP and everyone wishes it was so.

"However, Sinn Fein have said before that they would not be found wanting on policing, yet when the moment of decision came Sinn Fein were found wanting."

Mr Attwood said policing change has been "fundamental" and added: "The Governments must tell Sinn Fein to act now not at a later time which may not come for years."

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