26 January 2006

Buttimer denies sexual motive in Holohan case


25 January 2006 22:08

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Wayne O'Donoghue's solicitor, Frank Buttimer, has denied that there was any sexual motive for the killing of 11-year old Robert Holohan in Midleton, Co Cork, last January.

Mr Buttimer was responding to the revelation that semen was found on the boy's body during forensic tests.

This evening, Ernest Cantillon, a solicitor for Mark and Majella Holohan, said the Holohans were upset that the veracity of the statements she made in court yesterday was being questioned.

Majella Holohan is insisting that there was a basis for everything she said.

Earlier, Mr Buttimer said a number of issues raised by Mrs Holohan were considered by the court.

He said the forensic issue raised yesterday was not considered by the trial because it was not considered by the Director of Public Prosecutions to be evidential to the case.

Mr Buttimer said he did not have to explain the existence of the semen because, after an extensive garda investigation and trial, the matter was not evidentially connected with Wayne O'Donoghue.

He said O'Donoghue's reputation had been seriously damaged by speculation, allegations and labels that were unfair and not based on fact.

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