17 January 2006

ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTION: Send Coillte and NARGC a polite email

Coillte and NARGC (National Association Regional Game Councils) would like to receive your emails on Thursday the 19th of January. Not just normal emails. They would appreciate very large emails. Send large attachments. Copy and paste as many pertinent pages as possible from the internet into your emails in an effort to raise the consciousness of the people who think it is okay to slaughter animals needlessly on state land. Send them your emails as many times as possible so they will have ample opportunity to read and digest them.

Please forward this email on to as many other people as possible. Coillte forests belong to the people of Ireland. And to the animals that live in these forest. We need to put pressure on Coillte to let them know that our forests are not hunting and shooting grounds for blood thirsty scumbags.

Coillte is a State owned company operating in forestry, land based businesses and added-value processing operations Coillte was established in 1988 as a private limited company under the Forestry Act 1988 which set out its objectives and duties; The company is owned by the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Agriculture and Food; In 2004, Coillte had a turnover of €185 m, a profit of €35 m and was named the 181st largest company in Ireland. All of these profits were re-invested in the business.

On Sunday 8th January shooters engaged in a so called 'vermin shoot'. This took place in Jenkinstown wood/Tower Wood (Coillte STATE FORESTS) in County Kilkenny, Ireland. This shoot has been carried out bi-annually for the last 25 years on both 26th December and on 8th January.

Shooters from the NARGC, ( National Association Regional Game Councils) were given full permission from COILLTE to blast at Magpies, Pigeons, Grey Crows, Grey Squirrels and Foxes until dark on the day. Public access was denied to the forest on the day of the shoot to allow this slaughter to take
place. Coillte also allow Hunters to use public forests.

Public Relation - pr@coillte.ie
Chairman - brendan.mckenna@coillte.ie
Chief Executive - martin.lowery@coillte.ie
Public Relations Manager - cliodhna.parker@coillte.ie
Recreation Manager - bill.murphy@coillte.ie
Research and Development - aileen.osullivan@coillte.ie
Marketing Unit - forestryfocusireland@coillte.ie
Civil Engineering - mary.lynch@coillte.ie

Tree Care Service Details:

Eastern counties - peter.redden@coillte.ie
Western counties - noel.lane@coillte.ie
Midlands - Declan.Fitzpatrick@coillte.ie
Southern counties - Ted.Kelleher@coillte.ie

Technology/Machine Sales - john.lyons@coillte.ie

Coillte Forest Holidays:


Coillte Nursery - nursery.sales@coillte.ie

Coillte Timber Frame Homes - info@griffnercoillte.ie

Wood Products - seamus.heaney@coillte.ie

Site Studies Laboratory - podea.coillte@indigo.ie

Coillte Consult - consult@coillte.ie


Administration - info@nargc.ie
Public Relations - pr@nargc.ie
Safety - safety@nargc.ie
Compensation - fund@nargc.ie
Webmaster - webmaster@nargc.ie
Director - des@nargc.ie
Treasurer - simon@nargc.ie
Hon Sec - richie@nargc.ie
Safety Officer - eddie@nargc.ie
Compensation Fund Administer - chris@nargc.ie
Press Officer - michaelc@nargc.ie

Complete list of emails:

pr@coillte.ie, brendan.mckenna@coillte.ie, martin.lowery@coillte.ie,
cliodhna.parker@coillte.ie, bill.murphy@coillte.ie,
aileen.osullivan@coillte.ie, forestryfocusireland@coillte.ie,
mary.lynch@coillte.ie, peter.redden@coillte.ie, noel.lane@coillte.ie,
Declan.Fitzpatrick@coillte.ie, Ted.Kelleher@coillte.ie,
john.lyons@coillte.ie, Eileen.okeeffe@coillte.ie, ikb@eircom.net,
killykeen@coillte.ie, nursery.sales@coillte.ie, info@griffnercoillte.ie,
seamus.heaney@coillte.ie, podea.coillte@indigo.ie, consult@coillte.ie,
info@nargc.ie, pr@nargc.ie, safety@nargc.ie, fund@nargc.ie,
webmaster@nargc.ie, des@nargc.ie, simon@nargc.ie, richie@nargc.ie,
eddie@nargc.ie, chris@nargc.ie, michaelc@nargc.ie

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