10 January 2006

Aiden Hulme - 28 Years Old, Serving 20 Years

**Posted by Peter Urban to >>Seven Stars Republican Socialist News

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Aiden Hulme has been imprisoned for over 2 years, and serving a 20 year jail sentence on the basis of circumstantial evidence such as a text message from a mobile phone received from an unknown party which was ambiguous at best. Since incarceration (which we believe is a miscarriage of justice ) he has been beaten, denied family visits, had medication refused, denied medical treatment and other atrocities.

He is currently imprisoned at Full Sutton Prison, hundreds of miles away from his family in North of Ireland.

He also sufers from acute injuries to his leg as a result of a motorbike accident before his arrest. The British Government has continually denied him treatment and attempted to amputate it after it became gangrenous.

Thankfully this was not the case, but he still suffers from extreme pain and requires medication on a regular basis which is not provided.

Repatriate Aiden Now!

Write a letter or send a post card of support and solidarity to Aiden:

Aiden Hulme
HMP Full Sutton Prison Moore Lane Stanford Bridge

Further info on Aiden's fight for repatriation:

>>Stormont Watch

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