03 December 2005

'We're Not Targeting Ramsey' - Real IRA Tells Journal

Derry Journal

Friday 2nd December 2005

The Real IRA in Derry have said that they have not been responsible for any of the hoax bombs outside SDLP Assembly man Pat Ramsey's house nor the two recent bomb hoaxes which caused widespread traffic disruption in the city. But the dissident republican group did accuse Mr. Ramsey of 'feeding into a police agenda which is trying to blame us for what has been happening.'
The group told the Journal yesterday: "Pat Ramsey knows that the Real IRA have not been behind the attacks on his home and the PSNI/RUC also are well aware that we have not been responsible for the devices left at this house. "Yet both of them are quite content to publicly link us with these incidents and in the case of the PSNI/RUC they explicitly stated that the same people who killed David Caldwell carried out these hoaxes when they know perfectly well that this is not the case. "What the PSNI and Pat Ramsey are trying to do is to turn the local community against republicans by blaming them for all the disruption caused by these hoaxes. We have not planted any device outside Pat Ramsey's home but if we wanted to target him we could do so very easily. Nor were we responsible for the two hoax devices near the barracks. While this is a tactic used by republicans in the past we were not responsible for either of the two recent incidents."
The dissident republican group said they were convinced that the PSNI were aware that the devices at Pat Ramsey's house were hoaxes from the start. They added: "On the second occasion the police told Pat Ramsey that they would be out later so as to avoid being attacked by young fellahs throwing stones. If they honestly believed that there was a bomb there would they have decided to leave it for another while before investigating it?
"We believe that the attacks on Pat Ramsey's house may well have been carried out by young people trying to lure the PSNI/RUC into the area. But both the PSNI and Pat Ramsey are trying to use these incidents as an opportunity to attack republicans and they are both feeding into the same agenda which they know to be false."

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