21 December 2005

Victim's family launches bid to find body


20/12/2005 - 15:22:26


The family of a murdered shop assistant have launched a website in a fresh bid to find her body.

Lisa Dorrian, 25, went missing from a caravan site in Ballyhalbert on the Co Down coast in February.

But despite extensive searches and high-profile appeals by her family, no trace of the Bangor woman has been found.

Her sister Joanne said the website – www.lisadorrian.co.uk – would bring global attention to the case.

She said: “It contains a storyboard of Lisa’s life from her birth to the day she disappeared, a page for messages of support from the general public and a page for her closest friends.

“There is also a confidential information page which is completely anonymous and cannot be traced.

“At this time of year someone can put us out of our misery and tell us where she is.

“Any small piece of information could provide the final piece in the jigsaw that we need.”

On the build-up to Christmas, Joanne said: “It is extremely difficult and one of the hardest times of year we have had.

“It is ten months on now and in the next few months it will be difficult to be positive as the first anniversary is coming up.

“I have found myself going out to buy presents and just going through the motions for the children in the house.

“They have been talking about Lisa and how she is not going to be here.”

A number of messages have already been posted on the site, including a tribute from Lisa’s ex-boyfriend, Jamie Mills.

It reads: “We did everything together, walking, holidays, partying, laughing, we were inseparable.

“Now she is gone it is a living nightmare for everyone who loved her and cared about her.

“For someone to take my angel away at such an early age sickens me.

“I pray every night that these people will find it within themselves to say where she is, to stop the endless days of hurt and pain that everyone is going through.”

The posting ends: “I am so lonely and sad now you have gone.

“We will find you Lisa, I swear. There is now a lovely home in heaven with your name on it.

“Miss you, Love you, Always. Jamie xx”

The site has also attracted international interest.

One visitor wrote: “My thoughts are with the Dorrian family, you must be going through hell.

“I live in Germany but I will not stop hoping for you.”

Another, sent from Australia, read: “I opened your website and read Lisa’s story and my heart went out to your family.

“I hope someone, somewhere will come forward and give you closure to this tragedy.”

Detectives have arrested five suspects but they have all been released without charge.

One line of inquiry was that loyalist paramilitaries were involved in the murder.

But it is understood the senior investigating officer now does not believe that to be the case.

Ms Dorrian’s family have campaigned relentlessly in an attempt to keep public attention focused on the case and billboards bearing pictures of her have been placed around Co Down.

Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Irish Government have both pledged their support in helping to find Ms Dorrian’s body.

A forensic expert brought in to help trace the so-called Disappeared – those murdered and secretly buried by the IRA at the height of the violence in the North – is also expected to examine the case.

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