09 December 2005

Two held as car bomb intercepted


Two men are being questioned following the discovery of a suspected dissident republican bomb in a car near Dublin.

The device was found about 2230 GMT on Thursday when Irish police stopped a car at the Westlink toll plaza of the M50 motorway surrounding the city.

A controlled explosion was carried out on the lunchbox-type device which included a timer and metal components. Police later confirmed it was a bomb.

A man was arrested at the scene and a second man was arrested on Friday.

It is understood the vehicle was stopped as part of an ongoing garda operation, involving the Special Branch and members of the elite Emergency Response Unit.

The bomb had been hidden in a baby seat in the car.

BBC Northern Ireland's Dublin correspondent, Shane Harrison, said: "Security sources say that they believe the device found in the car was constructed by the Continuity IRA.

"It may have been on its way to the west Dublin suburb of Blanchardstown for possible use in a criminal gang feud.

"It's believed that some of the detectives involved in the operation may have been keeping an eye on suspected Continuity IRA extortion rackets in the west Dublin area."

Both men who were arrested are being questioned at Clondalkin garda station.

They can be held for up to 72 hours before they are either charged or released.

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