25 December 2005

Spies and Lies in 2005


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Eamon Sweeney • 24 December 2005

What is so truly astonishing about an organisation like Sinn Fein having a British spy of 20 years standing within their ranks?

In truth, there is nothing astonishing about it at all. It doesn't particularly matter that Denis Donaldson was a high-ranking member of Sinn Fein for some decades. It does not really matter that he had been an IRA man who had served a considerable period in jail for his trouble.

It does not really matter that he had been turned into a traitor, allegedly to save a family member from a lengthy jail sentence. Neither does it matter that the hiatus and crocodile tears about those comrades he may have sacrificed through informing have filled our newspapers for days. Neither does it matter about the ridicule and scorn that his family name will forever have heaped upon it by Republicans.

However, I don't think that 'Donaldson' will become an entry into the Republican lexicon the same way the surname of Raymond Gilmour did in Derry 20 odd years ago; that is, a derogatory substitute for the word tout.

It doesn't matter. Life goes on. Nobody should truly give a flying fuck. Shocking on Day 1 perhaps, boring as hell this Christmas Eve as I write this from my work computer half way through a shift as productive as a two-week holiday should be. Times are different. Too much water and blood under too many bridges to go back. Too many bodies in unmarked graves to matter anymore.

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