14 December 2005

RSF say Dublin Orange march is provocative

Indymedia Ireland

by Des Dalton - Republican Sinn Fein Wednesday, Dec 14 2005, 11:15am
desdalton@rsf.ie address: 223 Parnell St Dublin 1 phone: 086 3291809

Rsf oppose Orange march

A statement from the Vice President of Republican Sinn Fein Des Dalton in which he describes the proposed Orange march in Dublin to held in January as an insult to the victims of Brititish backed Loyalist death squads

26-County Administration shows contempt for nationalist people

At a time when Nationalist people have been driven from their homes in the teeth of a Loyalist campaign of sectarian hate, the decision to allow such a march in Dublin displays the contempt that the 26-County state has for the nationalist people of the Six Counties. The relatives of those murdered at the hands of British state directed death squads on the streets of Dublin must surely question the motives of a 26-County administration, which allows such a spectacle to go ahead, on the same streets where innocent men, women and children died at the hands of British-backed Loyalist death squads in the early 1970s. Successive 26-County Administrations have failed to investigate these deaths, and files relating to them have disappeared in suspicious circumstances. In allowing such a march on the streets of Dublin the 26 County administration is effectively turning its back on all of those, north and south who have suffered at the hands Loyalist death squads and their British masters.


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