19 December 2005

Piano man hits the right note

Irish Independent

Four of the five young Irish pianists selected to take part in one of the world's most prestigious music events hail from the North with only one coming from the Republic.

The AXA Dublin International Piano Competition is ranked as one of the top five competitions in the world for talented emerging musicians.

Peter Tuite from Malahide in Dublin, a former student at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and now studying at Johns Hopkins University in the US, was the only entrant from the south selected at the Irish qualifying round at the weekend.

Derry natives Cathal Breslin (27) and Ruth McGinley (29) and Belfast musicians David McNulty (26) and Michael McHale (22) were also chosen to compete.

They will be joined by 40 other pianists from around the world ar the competition in Dublin next May.


You poor thing - you just cannot shake yourself free of the 'Piano Man' , can you ?
And I would'nt mind - but he is no 'Brad Pitt' !


Sharon .
I actually included this one because it points up that we in the North have no end of talent, but I knew your ears would perk up at the term 'piano man'.

Now, are you aware that you let slip mention of Brad Pitt in a post you signed? If you would like this deleted, we can negotiate a price...;-)

How could you allude to my one weak-spot in public like this ?
Well - THAT'S IT !
No more flagons of cheap Tramore cider for you until you strike that nasty post ...and all just because you are having no luck with your (piano!) man ....

You're the one mentioned Pitt. I would never have brought his name up in serious discussion.

And you can keep the Tramore cider as I am well-stocked with Vodka, and it's real too.
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