03 December 2005

On The Runs Law 'Scandalous' - Bloody Sunday Victim's Brother

Derry Journal

Friday 2nd December 2005

BBC photo

The brother of a teenager shot dead by British paratroopers in Derry on Bloody Sunday has branded the controversial 'on the runs' legislation "diabolical and scandalous". John Kelly, whose 17 year-old brother Michael was killed on the streets of the city on February 30, 1972, is angered that the legislation offers effective amnesty to those responsible for the atrocity.
Speaking to a national Sunday newspaper, Mr. Kelly said the law would allow security force killers to laugh at their victims. "Those who committed murder and those in the British establishment, who organised and approved it, must have a big smile on their face. "They can now walk away without repercussions. They will never have to appear in court. All they will be required to do is meet their solicitor, sign a licence and they can walk off laughing at us." He has called on all nationalist politicians to oppose the British Government bill which was debated in the House of Commons last week. The SDLP are strongly against the legislation while Sinn Fein support it - although the republican party insists that security force killers should not have amnesty.
The Saville Inquiry established that soldier F killed my brother. My dreams of seeing him prosecuted and jailed are now over. "They have ripped justice from under us. It will be the same for the families of Rosemary Nelson and Robert Hamill.
"This grotesque piece of legislation should be opposed by all nationalist parties and right thinking people." The 'Sunday Tribune' also reported that Liam Wray, brother of Jim, who was shot dead on Bloody Sunday, said the legislation changes must include a time limit for security force killers to come forward. According to the report he said that those who didn't come forward in the given period should be subject to the full rigours of the law. The SDLP have accused Sinn Fein of "selling out" bereaved families and urged the party to immediately withdraw support for the legislation.

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