25 December 2005

Man behind McCartney killing possible informer

Sunday Independent

**I will not ordinarily post anything written by Cusack, but I thought the theory was interesting, especially concerning the resettlement issue


THE man who ordered Robert McCartney's murder last January is now believed to be yet another of the high-ranking agents recruited by the RUC some time in the Eighties and later handed on to the British Intelligence services.

Sources close to the IRA, which is now terming itself the Republican Movement, say both the military and political wings of the organisation are in disarray and waiting for more revelations that senior figures were in the pay of police on both sides of the Border. According to one security source, as many as 15 figures, including some who have since become prominent in Sinn Fein, were informers.

The McCartney sisters have claimed that the man who ordered their brother's murder is due to emigrate from Belfast and they believe he is intending to be resettled in the US. The American authorities would have to have agreement with the British Government as the man has a prison record for explosive offences dating from the Seventies and would not otherwise beallowed into the country.

His disappearance would save both the Republican Movement and the British authorities further embarrassing revelations.

The McCartney sisters spoke about the man, who is not facing any charges, in a lengthy interview on BBC Newsnight on Thursday. They did not suggest that he was a suspected informer.

Catherine said: "The person who we believe ordered it is high up in the IRA. It's all to protect him. This person is bigger than the IRA, he's bigger than the whole movement." Paula added: "He's being allowed to be bigger than the whole movement."

The sisters spoke of how the family continued to be intimidated. Paula was forced to move her family out of the Short Strand area because she feared her children would be targeted. Catherine has also moved house from Castlewellan, Co Down.

Robert's fiance, Bridgeen Hagans, also left her home in the Short Strand after receiving threats and having had a picket of local Sinn Fein women placed outside her house. She is with her parents in west Belfast while waiting to move to a new home in the northern suburbs of Belfast.

Certain sections of the media are deploying a suspicion-sewing black propaganda tactic that Martin Ingram/Jack Grantham referred to as being "one of the tactics that FRU actually used was to give information which would lead the IRA to believe that a certain person was an informer within their own ranks." Why are certain sections of the Irish media using an FRU tactic? Could it have something to do with a question that Danny Morrison posed: "I mean, are agents only inside Sinn Fein or the IRA? I think not."

Here you can see the language being used: The man alleged to have been involved in the killing of Robert McCarthy is allegedly considering emigrating to the US. If so, fair enough. People emigrate in their thousands every year, and no inference as to their respective reasons can be drawn. But now we have Cusack using the security forces language of informers being "resettled." Not he is no longer emigrating as of his perfectly valid personal choice like any other citizen, but he is being "resettled" as informers are. That propaganda in the use of such terms is quite deliberate - and quite nefarious.
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