18 December 2005

Jail spy Scap for perjury'

Sunday Life

By Sunday Life Reporter
18 December 2005

A FORMER Army intelligence handler has called for IRA superspy Freddie Scappaticci to be jailed for PERJURY.

Force Research Unit whistleblower 'Martin Ingram' believes that Scappaticci, known as Stakeknife, should be hauled before the courts for lying in his attempts to gag Sunday Life.

And he has written to retired Metropolitan police chief Lord John Stevens in a bid to have Chief Constable Hugh Orde investigate his perjury claims.

In his letter to Lord Stevens, Ingram points to several leading figures in the security services who would be able to verify that Scappaticci committed perjury when he swore an affidavit claiming he was not Stakeknife.

Scappaticci, currently on police bail on murder and kidnapping charges, would be expected to benefit from the On The Runs legislation that will see terror fugitives escape jail sentences for their crimes although their cases would be heard by tribunal.

If Scappaticci was to be convicted by that tribunal, that would in effect PROVE that his affidavit in his case against this newspaper was a pack of lies.

Scappaticci went to court in February last year to try to prevent Sunday Life serialising a book written by Ingram and journalist Greg Harkin, Stakeknife: Britain's Secret Agent in Ireland.

His lawyers asked a judge to overturn a decision by the Ministry of Defence not to extend an injunction - already in place in England and Wales - against Sunday Life and Martin Ingram, a former MoD employee. Part of his case was that he was NOT Stakeknife.

Said Ingram: "Scappaticci's attempt to censor Sunday Life and the publication of the book was an attempt to hide the truth and we were delighted at the time when Stakeknife lost his action.

"There is now no doubt that all acts of collusion will be buried in the OTR legislation, therefore allowing the truth of many cases to be hidden forever.

"In Scappaticci's case, if he were convicted of crimes including murder, he would be able to walk away a free man.

"I believe the only way of getting Mr Scappaticci to face any questions is by using the Sunday Life case, to which I was an interested party, by making a formal complaint of perjury against him.

"He is and was Stakeknife."

Mr Ingram added: "I do not believe the families who have been touched by the work of agents and their handlers will ever get to the truth now and that includes the family of the late solicitor Pat Finucane."

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