23 December 2005

Happy Christmas from the Continuity R.U.C

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Posted on 23/12/2005 at 11:19:13 by P.R.O Comhairle Uladh

A Republican from Dunavon housing estate in Dungannon was busy at work today when he received a phone call from the R.U.C / P.S.N.I informing him they were in his house and would he like to come home, after rushing home he found the Cops taking bags and bags off clothes all his Cd's and DVDs any letters or paperwork in the house and his home computer, the man told the McKearney / McCaughey Cumann " if it was not nailed down they took it with them" he was given no explanation for the raid and was not arrested he told members off the McKearney / McCaughey Cumann " the Bastards took all my family's Christmas presents" he said he feels like his house and his family have been violated, how can some one march in to your house a couple off days before Christmas and steal your family's presents with out warrant or reason he said. The McKearney / McCaughey Cumann completely condemn this attack on the mouth off Christmas, it is not just an attack on an individual but an attack on the entire Republican Community in Tyrone at this sacred time off the Year, it shows once again that the only thing the Crown Cops are interested in is destroying Republicanism these attacks only strengthen our resolve we will not bow down to these Orange Loyalist Bigots .

R.S.F East Tyrone

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