12 December 2005

Families call for truth


Around 100 family members of those killed through collusion between British state forces and loyalist death squads recently formed a ‘Ring of Truth’ around the City Hall to highlight the issue.

The protest against collusion was held by campaign group An Fhirinne who have just returned from meeting with politicians at the European Parliament in Brussels which they have described as "extremely positive".

The recent trip to Brussels may result in a delegation of European MEPs coming to the North next year on a fact finding mission about collusion.

Speaking at Thursday’s protest, spokesman for An Fhirinne Mark Sykes said that the issue of collusion had not gone away.
"As you can see around one hundred family members of those murdered through collusion have gathered here today," said Mark.

"This is one of a programme of events we will be holding over the coming weeks and months."

Mr Sykes said that the protest had been planned to create maximum impact and highlight the issue of collusion.
"It is important that we did the protest at this time of year to highlight the fact that many people are without their fathers, mothers, sisters or brothers at Christmas because of a policy of collusion.

"Collusion isn’t a historical event, it is happening now, you just have to look at the hundreds of people who have been told recently that their personal details are in the hands of loyalists - this is present day collusion."

Mark Sykes said that the An Fhirinne campaign will continue until the truth about collusion is known.

Sinn Féin councillor Paul Maskey, who attended the protest, said, "I commend every one of the families and An Fhirinne who took the case to Brussels in a bid to highlight the issue.

"Nobody should forget that their loved ones were killed because of this policy of collusion," he added.

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