17 December 2005

Denis Donaldson admits spying but says 'Stormontgate' a fiction

Irish Independent

06:06 Saturday December 17th 2005

The so called Stormontgate affair has been described as nothing more than a fiction and a scam created by the special branch

Those are the claims of a top republican who last night confirmed that he was a British agent

Denis Donaldson who served as Sinn Fein's Head of Administration at Stormont was expelled from its ranks on Thursday

He's confirmed that he was recruited in the 1980's at a particularly vulnerable time in his life and was paid for his covert services

Gerry Adams revealed that Mr Donaldson was approached by police officers earlier in the week and told he was about to be "outed" as an informer

Speaking in Dublin last night, Mr Adams said he would be utterly amazed if Tony Blair was aware of the activities


This is the full statement by the former Sinn Fein head of administration at
Stormont, Denis Donaldson:

``My name is Denis Donaldson. I worked as a Sinn Fein Assembly group administrator in Parliament Buildings at the time of the PSNI raid on the Sinn Fein offices in October 2002 - the so-called Stormontgate affair. I was a British agent at the time. I was recruited in the 1980s after compromising myself during a vulnerable time in my life.

``Since then I have worked for British intelligence and the RUC/PSNI Special Branch. Over that period I was paid money.

``My last two contacts with Special Branch were as follows - two days before my arrest in October 2002 and last night, when a member of the special branch contacted me to arrange a meeting.

``I was not involved in any republican spy ring in Stormont. The so-called Stormontgate affair was a scam and a fiction, it never existed, it was created by Special Branch.

``I deeply regret my activities with British intelligence and RUC/PSNI Special Branch. I apologise to anyone who has suffered as a result of my activities as well as to my former comrades and especially to my family who have become victims in all of this.''

The spin on this is incredible. It makes the thesis of A Secret History of the IRA credible. Stakeknife was first, then Donaldson. Who next: Adams, McAuley, Ferris and McGuinness. They hijacked republicanism in 1969 and led us into the abyss.
given the repeated failures of the republican movements internal security department to catch long term "touts" it must be asked how many innocents were fed to the lions in an attempt to allow the guilty to continue receiving their forty pieces of silver?
steak knife got close to gerry adams and he didnt know, denis donaldson got close to gerry adams and he didnt know, roy mc shane got close to gerry adams and he didnt know, who else has got close to you gerry that you dont know about?
Ahh, but what if he DID know?
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