01 December 2005

Children trapped by flood waters


Rescue workers at the floods on the Ormeau Road

Nursery children in south Belfast have had to be carried to safety by their teacher after heavy flooding.

River Terrace off Cooke Street in the Lower Ormeau Road is under four and a half feet of water. Sewage pipes have also overflowed.

Emergency services are using inflatable boats to rescue people trapped in their homes.

Flooding has also been reported at Castlereagh Road, Belfast. The rain is affecting the east of Northern Ireland.

Counties Down and Antrim and Belfast city centre are the worst affected.

Cornelia McCluskey, playgroup leader at St Malachy's playgroup off the Ormeau Road, said she had to ensure that the children escaped after the area became flooded.

"The sewer outside the nursery school has busted," she said.


"I have had to carry children through raw sewage to get them out of the building myself.

"I am now stuck in the building and can't get out. The fire brigade is here and have said there is nothing they can do about it."

Residents in the lower Ormeau were stranded and could not get back to their cars.

"I've been waiting 20 minutes, trying to get back to my car," said Anne Mallon.

"I have a dog in it and the flood waters seem to be rising."

Flooding caused traffic problems in Castlereagh

A man in a wheelchair was trapped in his home as the flood waters rose. Neighbours went to his rescue.

Margaret McCormac who lives in the area was trying to sweep the flood waters out of her home.

"The sewers are blocked, raw sewage is floating into the house," she said.

"It really stinks. It is the third time we have been flooded. It is absolutely ridiculous."

Many roads, including part of the M2 motorway, were closed because of the heavy rain.

The M2 Motorway between Greencastle and Sandyknowes has now been reopened. However, the Greencastle on-slip remains closed.

A Department of Regional Development spokeswoman said there were indications that pumps were operating normally at River Terrace pumping station.

"The Water Service has squads on the ground assisting and a clean up operation will take place," she said.

Flooding has been reported across south Belfast and Roads Service staff are working to clear gullies and issue sandbags, she said.

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