13 December 2005

BreakingNews.ie: Editor slams British govt attitude to loyalist threats


13/12/2005 - 09:29:48

The editor of the Daily Ireland newspaper has accused the British government of doing nothing to protect himself and his colleagues from loyalist paramilitaries

Martin O'Muilleoir said today that he had been warned by the PSNI that his name was found on a suspected loyalist hit list uncovered during raids a number of weeks ago.

He said it was the sixth such warning that he had received in recent years, but he had never been offered any assistance from the British government to improve his personal security.

Mr O'Muilleoir contrasted this with the assistance given to prison officers when their names were found on a suspected IRA hit list following the Stormont 'spy ring' allegations in October 2002.

"When prison officers were allegedly under threat after Stormontgate, hundreds were assisted to move home at enormous cost,'' he said.

"Despite repeated threats to the Andersonstown News Group, the NIO has refused to spend even a brass farthing to help provide enhanced security at our offices."

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