26 December 2005

Baby Charlotte home for Christmas


Mon 26 Dec 2005

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Charlotte at home with her mother Debbie yesterday

Key points
• 'Right-to-life' case baby enjoys first Christmas at home
• Family decribe Charlotte Wyatt as 'happy and relaxed'

Key quote
"She was looking at the Christmas tree with all the lights. She was looking around the room and taking it all in." - Debbie Wyatt

PROFOUNDLY disabled Charlotte Wyatt was surrounded by presents as she spent her first Christmas at home with her family yesterday.

Debbie Wyatt, 24, and Darren, 33, said their baby girl was happy and relaxed at their home in Portsmouth, Hampshire, during her two-hour, unsupervised visit. Mrs Wyatt said: "It was the best Christmas present we could ask for having Charlotte home.

"She was looking at the Christmas tree with all the lights. She was looking around the room and taking it all in. She seemed happy and she was really relaxed. We didn't have any problems at all with her."

The two-year-old weighed only 1lb and measured just 5in long when she was born three months prematurely on 21 October, 2003. She has serious brain, lung and kidney damage and was at the centre of a right-to-life court case.

Her survival has confounded predictions that she would succumb to a respiratory infection.

Mr Wyatt collected his daughter in a taxi from St Mary's Hospital, in Portsmouth, and pushed her in a buggy into their home where a pile of presents was waiting. Mrs Wyatt said: "She opened her presents and she was playing with her toys. She was even watching the cartoons on the television.

"She needs stimulating, so we bought her lots of things with bright lights and sounds."

She added: "It made Christmas complete because last year Charlotte was in an oxygen box. The year before that she was in an incubator. Hopefully next year we should have her home for good.

"I just want to say thank you to the hospital because they have kept Charlotte alive and just to say thank you for letting us have Charlotte home for Christmas."

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