03 December 2005

Angry Brolly Slams 'Politically Motivated' Arrest

Derry Journal

Friday 2nd December 2005

Sinn Fein MLA Francie Brolly has said that it was clear that his high profile arrest earlier this week allegedly in connection with the Claudy bombs of 1972 was politically motivated and due to a political agenda. Speaking after his release on Wednesday night Mr. Brolly said that he had been 'shocked' when the PSNI arrived at his house to arrest him. He said: "I have to say I was absolutely shocked when they arrived and it took me back to the day they came to intern me in 1973.
"With uniformed police about the place and them reading why I was being arrested I honestly have to say it made me feel the same as it did in 1973." He continued: "I asked the CID involved why they had never bothered coming to the house to question me about this. I told them that if they had wanted to they could have spoken to me at any time in my own home and we even could have had a cup of tea. "But once they made it all official and arrested me I simply did what I was advised to by my solicitor." Mr. Brolly said that he was reasonably well treated during his period in custody but added that he could see no reason as to why he had been arrested.
He said: "During the time I was in custody they never once put anything new to me and never said that they had new evidence or the like that would have justified them arresting me now. "They did put some allegations about my role as a republican back in 1972 but that was all. There was nothing new in what they questioned me about and I could see no reason as to why I should have been arrested and why my name was leaked to the media in the way it was. "I cannot help but wonder if I am suspected of being involved in the Claudy bombs why these allegations were never put to me in early 1973 when I was arrested and interned. This is the first time that I have ever been questioned about this sort of thing."
The Sinn Fein MLA said he has no doubt that his arrest was part of a political agenda and that the whole episode was politically motivated. He said: "Once again we are seeing political policing in the North with the PSNI following their own political agenda." Mr. Brolly was one of four people arrested on Tuesday in connection with the Claudy bombing in which killed nine people. All four, three men and a woman, were released without charge on Wednesday although the PSNI did say they were preparing a report for the Public Prosecution Service. The arrests were slammed by Sinn Fein as being politically motivated.

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