29 December 2005

26 may face charges after Dunloy

Belfast Telegraph

29 December 2005

TWENTY-SIX people face being reported to the Public Prosecution Service with a view to potential charges being brought in connection with a controversial stand-off in Dunloy on July 12 this year.

Vehicles were used to block roads into the mainly nationalist village and a number of people sat down on a roadway to prevent Orangemen driving to a church service.

Riot police and water cannon were brought in, but after a long stand-off and talks involving police and Sinn Fein MP Martin McGuinness, protesters agreed to be physically removed by police and the parade was completed without further incident.

The stand-off began when Orangemen, who have in recent years been banned by the Parades Commission from marching from Dunloy Orange Hall through the centre of the village to Dunloy Presbyterian Church, decided to make the journey by vehicle for a wreath laying ceremony but were prevented from doing so.

After the road was cleared the Orangemen then drove in a convoy to the church where, six hours behind schedule, they laid a wreath and sang a hymn.

This July police said the sit-down was illegal and they intended to investigate breaches of public order and road traffic offences.

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