28 November 2005

Use more divers pleads Lisa's mum

Sunday Life

27 November 2005

THE heartbroken family of murdered Bangor woman Lisa Dorrian last night urged cops to use more divers during their searches for her body.

Pat Dorrian, whose daughter has been missing since February, would like to see experienced divers from Britain and the Republic helping the searches.

The distraught mum, who has been backed by North Down Ulster Unionist MP, Lady Sylvia Hermon, issued the plea after a number of searches were conducted for the 25-year-old, in the Ards peninsular area last week.

At present, local cops are only believed to have a small number of divers with the experience to conduct searches for human remains.

And the diving team are often told to leave search sites in the event of an emergency, or if they are required for other police investigations.

Mrs Dorrian has also urged Security Minister Shaun Woodward to honour his promise not to reduce resources in the murder probe.

Said the Co Down woman: "We had a meeting with Shaun Woodward and he told us he would get back to us after he has a meeting with Sir Hugh Orde, but we haven't heard from him.

"We think it would be a great if we had more divers searching for Lisa because the local police don't have that many divers.

"If the police are going to continue to use all their resources in their investigation, then surely they can stretch this to pay for divers from the Irish Republic and the UK.

"The divers we have had searching for Lisa are doing a tremendous job, but I get the feeling they are a bit frustrated because they could be called off the search at any time.

"We just want assurances that Lisa will not be forgotten and the police will do everything they can to end our nightmare."

Lisa's mum's plea comes after a trailer, which includes a picture of Lisa and the slogan 'is it fair to leave her there', had to be removed by the family from the Rathcoole Estate, last Wednesday.

The trailer was erected close to the home of a man the family believe may have vital information about Lisa's disappearance.

But within an hour of the trailer being placed, it was turned upside down and dumped in a nearby park.

Lisa's sister, Joanne, was also subjected to verbal abuse, when parking the trailer

It is understood members of the Red Hand Commando ordered local youths to return the trailer, but the family returned and brought it back to Bangor.

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