25 November 2005

Six County reforms: "merely a restructuring of British Rule"

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For release
25 November/Samhain 2005
Press Release/Preas Ráiteas
Statement by Republican Sinn Fein Vice President Des Dalton 

The reform of local government in the Six Counties announced on  November 22 is merely a restructuring of British Rule in Ireland. Far  from delivering democratic accountability the proposed reform merely  represents tinkering with, what is fundamentally an undemocratic and  sectarian statelet. The proposals contained within EIRE NUA, Republican  Sinn Fein's programme for a New Ireland, would deliver real democracy  for a nine county Ulster. EIRE NUA gives local government real teeth, handing regional and district councils control over areas such as  education, health, economic development and job creation, social  services etc, rather than merely street lighting or the maintenance of roads and footpaths.

It is also important to note, in the midst of the media hype  surrounding these so-called reforms that the anti-democratic test oath  for local election candidates remains in place.
This oath requires Republican candidates to renounce the Irish people's right to resist British occupation as well as publicly disowning the organisations of  the Republican Movement, thereby precluding Republicans from contesting  local elections in the Six Counties.
The continued imposition of this  political test oath disenfranchises people across the Six Counties
because of their opposition to British rule, denying them their right  to vote for the candidate of their choice. It is clear little has changed in the Six County state; democracy still does not apply to


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