28 November 2005

SDLP man's house targeted again


A second hoax device has been found at the home of SDLP assembly member Pat Ramsey in Derry.

Mr Ramsey discovered the first suspect object on Saturday and found the second hoax bomb on Sunday night - just hours after the first alert ended.

The devices were found at Mr Ramsey's home in Meenan Drive in the Bogside area of the city.

The Army declared the first device a hoax. Mr Ramsey has been targeted several times in the past.

Mr Ramsey said the incident caused disruption to the community.

"It is clear that the people responsible for this latest act of intimidation are the same faceless thugs who have attacked my home on countless occasions in the last few years," he said.

"They should know by now that they will not deter me from my political beliefs or pursuing them democratically for the good of all the people of Derry."

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