30 November 2005

SDLP in council walkout over Sinn Féin remarks


30/11/2005 - 13:21:11

The SDLP has walked out of the monthly meeting of Derry City Council accusing Sinn Féin of making remarks that could endanger their members.

They said today they will not be back in the council chamber until the remarks are withdrawn.

Pat Ramsay, SDLP leader on the council, said the allegations made by Sinn Féin’s Kevin Campbell against the SDLP team “have no substance or foundation, but they could put the councillors’ homes and families at risk of attack".

Councillor Ramsay said: “I am not prepared to let this happen. The SDLP team will not be returning to the council chamber unless Cllr Campbell withdraws the allegation he made at last night’s meeting.”

He said the comments made had broken an unwritten agreement that comments of a personal nature should not be made during debates in the council.

Sinn Féin said the SDLP had been the first to break the agreement and Cllr Campbell would not be withdrawing his remarks.

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