10 November 2005

RIRA link to Conlon murder

Daily Ireland

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The murder of County Armagh man Martin Conlon may be connected to a violent robbery carried out close to the border several months ago, Daily Ireland can reveal.
It is understood a substantial sum of cash was taken in the raid at the home of a businessman during which a number of adults and small children were held hostage.
Several independent sources in County Armagh last night claimed that Mr Conlon may have been gunned down in the fallout that followed the violent raid.
It is understood that the robbery was particularly vicious and a young child was left extremely traumatised by the actions of the raiders.
The circumstances surrounding the robbery are understood to have generated extreme bad feeling in the Border region.
Mr Conlon died several hours after being found at the side of a road where he had been dumped just minutes after being taken from the house of a friend in Armagh City.
The 35-year-old’s abductors used a stun gun to disable the former lorry driver as the homeowners three children, all under the age of ten, looked on in horror.
The Continuity IRA yesterday denied involvement in the Armagh man’s murder.
Local sources have pointed the finger of suspicion at a faction of the Real IRA.
However, Daily Ireland understands that Mr Conlon, although having spent time in jail for Real IRA offences, was at the time of his death no longer a member of that organisation.

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