30 November 2005

PSNI defends arrest of SF man in relation to Claudy bombings


30/11/2005 - 08:12:55

The PSNI has defended the arrest of a Sinn Féin Assemblyman in connection with an IRA bomb attack in the Co Derry village of Claudy more than 33 years ago.

Francie Brolly was among four people arrested yesterday in connection with the detonation of three no-warning car bombs in the village in July 1972.

Sinn Féin has accused the PSNI of carrying out the arrest for political reasons and has also accused the police of leaking Mr Brolly's name to the media.

However, assistant chief constable Sam Kinkaid insisted last night that the arrest resulted from a new line of inquiry being pursued since the Claudy investigation was re-opened three years ago.

He also denied that the PSNI had told journalists Mr Brolly was among yesterday's detainees.

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