11 November 2005

O'Loan calls for exchange of information


11 November 2005 14:01

The Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland has said there should be a statutory right to exchange of information between her office and the Office of the Garda Ombudsman's Commission in investigations into allegations of police corruption.

Nuala O'Loan also said that she believed that investigators should have total and immediate right to access to all police files and not have to inform a minister, as is the provision under the current Garda Bill.

She said having to inform a minister or anyone else could compromise the integrity of the investigation and slow the process down.

Ms O'Loan was speaking at a conference on community safety in Dundalk this morning.

The conference also heard criticism of the Gardaí and the judiciary in reacting to anti-social behaviour and complaints about public order.

However, a garda representative at the conference said they would take all criticism on board and were working on strategies to increase manpower and create a higher garda visibility on the streets.

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