24 November 2005

Life and times of Guevara


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Belfast republican Sean Murray will tomorrow (Friday) deliver a key talk on the life and lessons of revolutionary Ché Guevara.
Mr Murray will highlight key aspects of Ché's political development, in the context of ongoing political change in Ireland.
Speaking to the Andersonstown News, Mr Murray explained that the intention of the talk is to generate wider ideological debate within the republican community.
“The talk will be based on a short film about Ché and also draws from the education programme which was developed by political prisoners in Long Kesh," Mr Murray said.
“The rationale behind the talk is basically linking the politics of Ché with the Irish struggle and learning the lessons that are there. Of course there's no point learning lessons if you don't apply them in practice.
“This is about generating a discussion of an ideological nature within republicanism about how to apply these lessons to our own struggle."
Mr Murray emphasised that this discussion is particularly relevant in “the current situation where we are going into a new era of a revolutionary struggle".
“Everyone can identify with Ché's internationalism both in terms of Cuba but also in the Congo and Bolivia and so on. He remains a potent and iconic figure," Mr Murray said.
Mr Murray has already spoken at an event in Gulladuff, Co Derry, and will be continuing to bring the talk to republican constituencies over coming weeks, including south Armagh and Derry city.
Tomorrow night's talk takes place in the Felons on the Andersonstown Road at 8pm.

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