29 November 2005

Lawlor was ‘paid £189,000 for Quarryvale assistance’


29/11/2005 - 13:06:03

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Liam Lawlor

The Mahon Tribunal has heard claims that the late Fianna Fáil TD Liam Lawlor took payments totalling IR£189,000 for assistance with the Quarryvale project in west Dublin.

The allegation is contained in evidence due to be given during the second phase of the tribunal's investigation into controversial planning decisions in the area.

Opening that phase today, tribunal lawyers said political lobbyist Frank Dunlop would be claiming that he paid Mr Lawlor a total of IR£153,000 in relation to the Quarryvale scheme.

Property developer Owen O'Callaghan is also set to tell the tribunal that he gave IR£36,000 to the former Fianna Fáil TD, who died in a car crash in Moscow last month.

Before his death, Mr Lawlor had admitted to receiving a lesser sum of IR£85,000 from both men.

The tribunal's investigation centres on a decision by Dublin County Council in May 1991 to rezone land in the Quarryvale area, where the Liffey Valley shopping centre was subsequently constructed.

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