12 November 2005

Kevin Barry - 'The Forgotten Ten'

**The Irish Heritage Email Group sent round a compilation of an article on Kevin Barry, and in looking for the original link, I found the Wild Geese Today site with all the parts and photos.

"Between November 1920 and June 1921 the British government executed twenty-six Irish Prisoners of War by firing squad or by hanging. Among those executed were ten men who were to become known as the Forgotten Ten. These ten men, one of whom is Kevin Barry, remained buried in the grounds of Mountjoy Prison in Dublin. On October 14th 2001 the ten were reburied in the Republican plot in Glasnevin cemetery." --Sinn Féin

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"Ten IRA volunteers, fighting for their fledgling nation, met their fate more than 80 years ago at the end of a British noose, and until [2001] lay buried in Mountjoy Prison. Kieron Punch relates each of their stories, starting with 18-year-old Kevin Barry."

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