26 November 2005

Hunger Striker's Son Demands Human Rights Intervention

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by Prisoner solidarity
Saturday, Nov 26 2005, 8:33pm

Message Of Solidarity With The Political Prisoners: Hunger Striker's Son Demands Human Rights Intervention

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Until All Are Free, We Are All Imprisoned!

The son of a Derry INLA hunger striker, Micky Og Devine has added his voice for the release of the nine political activists who have been on hunger strike for the last three weeks whilst awaiting trail in France. On November 16th the trial commenced in a Paris court room against activists of PCE (r) [Communist Party of Spain reconstituted] an underground political party and GRAPO [First of October Anti-Fascist Revolutionary Group] and SRI [International Red Aid]. The French state aided and commanded by the Franco’s Spanish Civil Guard is collaborating in a so-called ‘anti-terrorist campaign’.

In a statement released on behalf of the Devine Family, Micky Og Devine, has called on human rights organisations to “bear witness” the unfolding events, requesting them to “step into the arena before deaths occur due to high levels of brutality and systematic torture” by French & Spanish State authorities. In the statement he also called for an “immediate cessation of the continuing ‘Show Trials’ against the political activists”.

“I and countless others around the world have been following this latest round of injustice which has been simmering over the past number of years in both French and Spanish goals. In the last few years the Spanish state has illegalized dozens of social-political and cultural organisations of the left which all are non-armed, under the anti-terrorist laws. Basically it’s erasing out of the equation all those politically opposed to the establishment.

“The Spanish authorities have been attempting to link PCE (r) and GRAPO as one sole organisation for the last 25 years without success. Now they are seeking assistance from neighboring France for it to arrange new laws that will permit, or to achieve their agenda.

“Isolation, torture and abuse have been relentless ever since their capture and imprisonment. They will try anything to break them down. I would call on those who monitor human rights violations to bear witness to what has been developing both in France and in the Spanish state, step into the issues involved here before deaths occur due to high levels of brutality and systematic torture. Greater solidarity is needed at this time for those incarcerated.

“We are now in the era of mass pacification, were anyone who attempts to stand up against injustice and oppression, protests or struggles politically against the establishments rule, are likely to be silenced and that is clearly a matter of fact.

“We don’t need new laws or further regulations to justify internment by state forces without trail, torture and even murder. The state is already carrying these activities out without hesitation or hindrance. And this is not an isolated occurrence against political activists in France, in the Spanish State, or in the hellholes of Turkey as it is an unwritten policy alive and well in the occupied six counties.

“I am reminded of the miscarriage of justice victim, Tyrone man John Brady, a republican activist who has been held in goal since his detention back in June 2004 with not a single charge against him. That was until trumped up charges appeared in September 2005 concerning the murder of a British soldier in 2002, the case itself is remarkably similar to that of Derry republican Seamus Doherty, now freed following widespread protests by his family, friends and neighbours against a host of false charges.
“In order to fulfill their pursuit the imperialist states are going to do anything they can to silence any voices of resistance by locking them up in isolation, torturing them, denying them basic rights, such as communication with one another as political prisoners or defence of themselves. That’s why the nine communist, anti-fascist and a prisoners solidarity activists that the state wanted to put away in order to diminish any political opposition in the region (France or Spain), had to carry out a hunger strike.

“A scene, only too familiar to that of my own family and that of other families of former political prisoners as we draw near to the 25 anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike.

“This may be seen by some as an isolated issue however you can be sure that other states are watching very closely at these unfolding developments just as many did whilst my father and his comrades and our class fought back against British imperialism during 1981 hunger strike. It is now policy of the imperialist states to hunt political activists that can be seen as a threat for any involvement in the building of a successful working class resistance movement.

“On behalf of myself and the Devine family, I would like to offer our heartfelt support and solidarity in your struggle, and the strength to stand against continuing oppression and unremitting brutality. You are not alone in at this time, the whole world is watching!”

Micky Og Devine

Stop The Show Trails!
Stop The Torture!

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