04 November 2005

Heist suspect talks of arrest ordeal

Daily Ireland

Connla Young

A man named as being a suspect in the Northern Bank robbery has spoken of his terrifying ordeal while in PSNI custody.
Peter Morgan hit out after spending almost 48 hours under PSNI interrogation in connection with last year’s £26.5 million (€39 million) robbery.
His comments came after a man was charged in connection with the heist last night.
The 23-year-old Co Down man will appear at Laganside Magistrates Court in Belfast this morning charged with the false imprisonment of Karen and Kevin McMullan, possession of a firearm or imitation firearm with intend to commit an indictable offence and the robbery of £26.5 million (€39 million) in December 2004.
Peter Morgan was arrested in the same series of raids in Kilcoo, Co Down, in the early hours of Wednesday as the man charged last night.
Speaking to Daily Ireland last night Mr Morgan said the entire experience has been shattering.
“I am devastated that my liberty has been taken from me for the past two days for something I had absolutely nothing to do with.
“I’m in shock that in this day and age I can be taken away from my life and work for absolutely nothing.
“I was terrified by the aggressive and heavy handedness shown by the PSNI during my arrest.
“There is not one bit of evidence against me from a legal point of view and there was no evidence produced during my arrest and detention.
“I’m just relieved to be out and going back home.”
Mr Morgan’s solicitor Niall Murphy, of Kevin Winters and Company, said he was concerned by the nature of his clients arrest.
“I would be greatly concerned about the fact that my client’s Article Two human rights were grossly infringed.
“I am also concerned that some media outlets named my client and the approach adopted by them. I am suspicious of the choreographed media coverage in this matter.
“I will be advising Mr Morgan of his rights with in relation to a civil prosecution regarding his unlawful detention.
“I will also be advising him in relation to his rights with regard to the Police Ombudsman and the Press Complaints Commission.”
The man due to appear in court this morning was one of five detained in the North this week.
Two were arrested in County Down, one in Belfast and two in County Tyrone when the PSNI raided homes in Dungannon and Coalisland on Thursday.
The Northern Bank heist made international headlines last year when the families of two bank officials, Kevin McMullan and Chris Ward, were held captive while the pair were forced to carry £26.5 million to a van parked close to the Northern Bank’s cash centre HQ at Donegall Square West in Belfast City Centre.

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