02 November 2005

Family fury over police search

Belfast Telegraph

By Ben Lowry
02 November 2005

The mother of one of the men arrested over the Northern Bank robbery said she and her son came from a republican family, but they were involved in nothing political or illegal.

Irene Carlin, whose 23-year-old son Dominic McEvoy was arrested last night, spoke of the overnight police operation, in which every room of the family home in Co Down was examined in detail.

Mrs Carlin lives in Mullandra Park, Kilcoo, with her husband Seamus Carlin, Dominic (Seamus's stepson) and the couple's two daughters.

The other man arrested, Peter Morgan, lives with his family nearby in Kirk Lane.

Mrs Carlin, who is a care worker, said: "I came in from work at 11.15pm and the police had just come in."

Seamus Carlin, who was in the house when the police arrived, said: "They rapped the door severely and shouted: 'Police, we've got a warrant.'"

The couple said that there were around half a dozen police officers in the house, and a number of vehicles outside. Dominic, a building contractor currently working on a shopping centre in Dundalk, had only returned from work.

He was taken away for questioning in handcuffs, but no force was used, the Carlins said.

"We are a republican family, but we are not involved in anything at all. We like a quiet life."

Dominic's main interests were gaelic football and work, the Carlins said.

The police searched the house throughout the night, with several teams of officers working at the same time.

"Every CD was opened, every book was opened," Mr Carlin said.

"It is horrible, a gross invasion of your privacy."

The police left with a number of mobile phones, a couple of computers, bank account details and credit cards. Mrs Carlin said she could not believe what had happened.

"You hear the jokes, texts, about the bank robbery. It happened at Christmas, I was more worried about Santa. It was all in the news, and to lift two young fellas."

At 12.30pm today, more police Land Rovers arrived at the property and officers wearing masks gathered outside the Carlins' house.

At the Morgan address in Kirk Lane, the Belfast Telegraph was prevented from going down the driveway by a man in a white van, who emerged to ask what we were doing.

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