19 November 2005

Campaign launched to stop animal acts

Daily Ireland

Animal-rights activists have launched a campaign to stop circuses using animals.
Members of the groups Animal Defenders International and the Animal Rights Action Network carried out undercover research between 2000 and 2003.
Campaigners claim to have uncovered a litany of animal rights violations, such as animals being kicked and beaten by circus handlers.
Activists also say they have gathered evidence that elephants and other animals have suffered psychologically as a result of being crammed into small spaces for long periods of time.
Kildare-based John Carmody of the Animal Rights Action Network said: “This investigation has revealed animal suffering in Irish circuses on a large scale, which the circus industry has been desperate to hide.
“If children only knew how these poor animals are treated, they would be totally shocked.
“Local councils need to know this and we will be lobbying them to ban the use of animal-act circuses.”
It is estimated that 150 live animals are used in circus acts throughout Ireland.

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