28 October 2005

Weapons also an issue for DUP: Adams

Belfast Telegraph

By Noel McAdam, Political Correspondent
28 October 2005

The DUP must also deal with the issue of decommissioning - over the issue of Ulster Resistance weapons, Sinn Fein has inisted.

Ian Paisley's party came under fire from republicans as the prospects for early devolution talks faded further over the Governments' plans for on-the-runs.

As it emerged meaningful talks could be postponed until after legislation on fugitives has passed through Parliament, Sinn Fein attempted to apply pressure on the DUP which has vowed to oppose the plan - including possible human rights-based legal action.

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams said the DUP would have to take full responsibility for the continuation of direct rule and unaccountable government if it failed to grab the current opportunity.

"There will be difficult decisions for the incoming Executive and Assembly. But perhaps the biggest decisions at this time is for the DUP," the West Belfast MP said.

"Do they have the confidence to govern this place with the rest of us or will they allow British Ministers to continue to do so in the interests of the British government instead of the people here?"

He said continuing Direct Rule would mean more cuts to public services, including education and health as well as increased rates and water charges.

The attack came as DUP deputy leader Peter Robinson said there was no future for either loyalist or republican paramiltaries in Northern Ireland.

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