08 October 2005

Return of Adair

Belfast Telegraph

He will be back, says ex-RUC man

By David Gordon
08 October 2005

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Johnny "Mad Dog" Adair is plotting a dramatic return to Northern Ireland, the retired cop who put him behind bars has warned.

Former RUC detective Johnston Brown also described Adair as more "street wise" than Jim Gray, the deposed UDA chief who was shot dead in east Belfast earlier this week.

Three people being questioned by police about the murder of Gray were today released without charge. One other person is still being questioned.

Mr Brown said: "Don't write Adair off. He's planning a return to Northern Ireland as we speak."

Adair is currently awaiting sentencing for assaulting his wife Gina in Bolton last week.

The former Shankill godfather was arrested for domestic violence hours after a court case over his harassment of a fellow loyalist exile.

Mr Brown said Adair's recent behaviour did not mean he was self-destructing in Bolton.

"That's the way he lived here. Did he punch Gina before? Absolutely. Did she complain before? Not a chance.

"The police would do nothing about it. Now, he will be prosecuted for throwing a bit of paper onto the street.

"He's not going to be allowed the same leeway he would have here," he said.

The retired detective added: "Adair's plotting a way back.

"He's nobody over there. He and people like him will never be able to settle down into obscurity."

Mr Brown provided the key evidence in 1995 that put Adair in prison for directing terrorism.

Adair and murder victim Jim "Doris Day" Gray were once fellow "brigadiers" in the UDA leadership.

They became enemies in a feud that led to Adair's faction being forced out of Northern Ireland. Gray later fell foul of the UDA.

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