21 October 2005

Relatives to meet over ‘link’ between bombings


Relatives of those killed in the McGurk’s bombing are planning to meet families of those killed in the Dublin and Monaghan explosions after it was revealed there could be a link.

The news came after a meeting between the McGurk’s bombing victim support group and an Irish Department of Foreign Affairs official.
It is believed that the same UVF team may be linked to both atrocities – a link that was discovered after the McGurk’s relatives handed over names of suspects to the Foreign affairs official.
On seeing the names, the official advised the Belfast relatives to get in touch with the Relatives of the Forgotten group in Dublin, which is made up of relatives of those killed in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.
Cars used in the no-warning Dublin and Monaghan bombings came from North Belfast – including Torrens as well as a Agnes Street and a third coming from the Docks.
Like McGurk’s there has been long-standing allegations of security force collusion over the bombings.
The North Belfast News can reveal that a meeting between some of the families with the relatives of the Dublin and Monaghan outrages is scheduled to take place before Christmas.
Alex McLoughlin, whose father Thomas was murdered in the McGurk’s bombing and who will be part of a delegation to meet the Relatives of the Forgotten, said the truth had to be told about the killings.
Officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs are to meet with the Police Ombudsman in November.
Pat Irvine, who was a teenager when her mother Kathleen was killed in the McGurk’s attack, said she was encouraged by this week’s meeting with the representative from the Irish government and looked forward to meeting with the Relatives of the Forgotten group in Dublin.
“I have met with many types of officials and could tell they were not interested, but I would say I was struck by her genuine interest in our great concerns over the bombing,” she said.
A spokeswoman for the Department of Foreign Affairs said the official was pleased to meet members of the McGurk's bombing victim support group earlier this week.
“She described the meeting as good and productive,” the spokeswoman said.
Margaret Urwin of the Dublin group Relatives of the Forgotten said names of some suspects in the McGurk’s atrocity could possibly be linked with identities of those who are believed to have carried out the Dublin and particularly the Monaghan outrages.
“I look forward to meeting with the relatives of McGurk’s,” she said.

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