08 October 2005

Police release suspect in Jim Gray murder probe


08/10/2005 - 16:33:15

A fourth person questioned by police about the murder of former Ulster Defence Association chief Jim Gray was tonight released without charge.

Three other people detained about last week’s killing were also released earlier today.

Mr Gray, 47, who was the former brigadier of the UDA in east Belfast, was shot dead by two men on his Knockwood Park doorstep on Tuesday night.

He was recently released from prison after being arrested on alleged money laundering charges.

Police allegedly found a bank draft for €10,000 and nearly £3,000 in cash in his car when he was stopped outside Banbridge, Co Down in April.

He was believed to have been heading for the Irish border.

Gray survived a previous attempt on his life in 2002 when he was shot in the face during a deadly feud within the UDA.

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