21 October 2005

Judicial review - second court case over Holy Cross blockade


The Holy Cross blockade was discussed in court this week when a second judicial review took place, brought by a parent whose child was caught up in the violence.
The original proceedings were brought by a child’s mother at the height of the blockade. In an affidavit said she said the then Chief Constable and Secretary of State had “Failed to identify, arrest or prosecute those protestors breaking the law in full public view”.
The original hearing found in favour of the Chief Constable and Secretary of State, rejecting the proceedings and finding that the state had done “everything possible” to maintain the safety of the children.
This decision was appealed and a second judicial review began on Monday.
Speaking after the second day in court, Father Aidan Troy, who attended proceedings, said it was important that this issue was resolved.
“The original action failed and it took a lot of effort to achieve this judicial review. It is important we do not revive memories of the incident but we must make sure that this can never happen again.
“It is important we learn from what happened – the police, the government, the school – all of us, and try to bring closure to what went on.
“The judicial review is an important part of dealing with what happened four years ago and finding out what went wrong and we all hope it will ensure we never have to experience something like that again.”

Journalist:: Evan Short

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