28 October 2005

Jail term for Greysteel murderer


"THE Greysteel massacre stands out as a horror of horrors in 30 years of bloody conflict in Northern Ireland. On Hallowe’en night, 31 October 1993, masked gunmen of the outlawed Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF), the killer wing of the loyalist Ulster Defence Association (UDA), walked into the Rising Sun bar in the tiny village of Greysteel just outside Derry, shouted "Trick or treat" and mowed down six Catholics and one Protestant with an AK47 assault rifle and a Browning automatic pistol. One of their victims was 81 years old. None had any involvement in the conflict".

The Tablet

Greysteel murderer Stephen Irwin has been jailed for four years for slashing a football supporter with a knife.

Belfast Crown Court heard Irwin's victim needed almost 200 stitches. The attack happened during last year's Irish Cup Final in Windsor Park.

Irwin was sentenced to eight life sentences but was released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

Crown Court Judge Kevin Finnegan said the court could well have been dealing with another murder charge.

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