28 October 2005

IRSP Condemn PSNI/RUC Raids

**Posted by Danielle Ni Dhighe


27 October 2005
Irish Republican Socialist Party

IRSP Condemn PSNI/RUC Raids

The IRSP condemn without reservation the totally unwarranted searches of Teach na Failte and Republican Socialist offices and homes of our workers in Belfast and Strabane.

These searches are little more than a politically motivated fishing exercise and an attempt by the PSNI/RUC to blacken the good name of Teach na Failte, a well respected former prisoners association whose work is mostly welfare based plus a conflict transformation and resolution project for ex-prisoners and their families.

IRSP spokesperson Paul Little said: "The nature of these searches by the PSNI was aggressive, with doors being smashed down and disabled TnF project officer Eddie McGarrigle from Strabane, who is confined to a wheelchair, was thrown out of it by the PSNI and left lying on the floor.

"There is absolutely no justification for these raids or their violent nature. The PSNI have demonstrated once again that they are not a new beginning to policing but rather a new politically motivated paramilitarist force that excels in all the bad traits of the RUC.

"New uniform, same old story."

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