08 October 2005

DUP seeks Policing Board changes


Peter Robinson wants increased DUP representation on Policing Board

DUP deputy leader Peter Robinson has expressed hope that the government will make big changes to the Policing Board in the near future.

The DUP has called for the board to be reconstituted to reflect the party's success in the 2003 assembly elections.

In August the government said it was asking the current 19 members of the board to continue into 2006.

Speaking on Radio Ulster's Inside Politics, Mr Robinson said his party would not let the demand drop.

"Clearly we've been pressing the government to make changes that they should have made and we were entitled to have back in 2003," Mr Robinson said.

"I hope that they will do that and I hope they'll do it soon.

"I don't think they can resist the strength of the argument nor have I seen any other political party being able to resist the strength of the argument either."

The terms of office of all Policing Board members were due to expire this month.

The board is comprised of nine independent members and 10 drawn from the political parties.

The Northern Ireland Policing Board was established in November 2001 following recommendations in the Patten Report.

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