28 October 2005

Cairns brothers collusion report for ‘06

Daily Ireland

Ombudsman’s investigations into double murder published in the New Year

Ciarán Barnes

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Gerard and Rory Cairns - original photos from Relatives for Justice

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the Relatives for Justice site to download the document 'An account of the murders of Gerard and Rory Cairns - by the Cairns family'

The Police Ombudsman’s report into allegations of collusion surrounding the loyalist murder of two young Co Armagh brothers is to be published in the New Year, Daily Ireland has learned.
Gerard and Rory Cairns were shot dead by the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) at their home in the village of Bleary on October 28, 1993. Today marks the 12th anniversary of their deaths.
The UVF gang involved in the Cairns’ killings included two high-level informers – Robin ‘The Jackal’ Jackson and Billy ‘King Rat’ Wright.
The guns used in the attack were brought into the North in 1988 from South Africa by Ulster Defence Association (UDA) and British army agent Brian Nelson. Nelson’s handlers had full knowledge of the weapons importation, but did nothing to prevent it reaching these shores.
In the moments before the Cairns’ killing, the police set up a series of roadblocks near their isolated home. Gerard and Rory’s killers were able to pass through these roadblocks unchecked.
It is these major breaches of policing duty which the ombudsman is probing. Investigators have been looking at the Cairns’ case for almost a year. It was previously raised by human rights organisations Relatives for Justice and An Fhírinne.
The dead men’s father, Eamonn Cairns, said meetings with the Ombudsman have been productive.
“The full report on the collusion aspect of my sons’ murders will be completed next year,” he said.
“The Ombudsman is about three-quarters of the way through the case.
“The family is hopeful the report will prove conclusively that the RUC and British army could have, but failed to, prevent my sons being murdered.”
The pain of Rory and Gerard’s murders has never left the Cairns family.
Their younger brother Liam Cairns, says that in the 12 years since, the family still do not know the true circumstances surrounding the killings.
He said: “What we do know is there was no investigation at any time, so we have came to the conclusion there was state sponsored collusion between the security forces and loyalist death squads. We as a family are stronger than ever. What makes us strong is our determination to seek out the truth.”
Mr Cairns said those responsible for killing his brothers had failed to silence his family. He added: “It is for this very reason that we want to seek out the truth.”
“We will never give up because it is only then that we can have some comfort from our loss.”

This article was posted in 2005, and no-one has commented until now. D'you not get the impression that no-one cares about this rubbish?
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